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Mediation feedback


Barry consistently achieves an above average annualised settlement rate. If settlement is not reached on the day, and if appropriate, Barry will continue working and liaising with the parties to help break the log jam and keep everyone talking. In Barry’s opinion: “As long as the parties communicate, there is always a chance of settlement.

The following are a small selection of feedback received post-mediation:

• “… the Mediation was ultimately successful within a very reasonable time-scale and in a dispute where the parties appeared at the outset to be firmly entrenched and set upon a day in Court. A very positive experience…”

• “I felt that you employed a good strategy…which bore fruit as it brought both parties closer together quickly in terms of settlement figures. Knowing the character of our opponents, I think the fact that you drew them into settling the matter at all is a good endorsement of your skills on the day!”

• “Your suggested solution to this impasse was nothing short of brilliant! ”

• Again, thank you for your professional approach – mixed with a lot of common sense – that made us all see the reality of the situation.”

• “This was just about the most contentious case I have had to deal with; the chances of agreement were almost non existent…very well done indeed!”

• Both legal teams were amazed how you were able to move the Parties from intransigency to accommodation and compromise…”

• “…Most professional… A pleasure to work with.”

• “You were extremely fast in focusing in on the key issues …while maintaining a flexible approach.”

“While the case did not settle, it must be said that this was in no way a reflection of you, Barry, or your efforts.

• “…a first class non-judgemental listener…”

• “Your easy manner made you very approachable, having the right temperament which developed rapport, empathy and trust with all the parties right from the outset.”

• “…unflustered when tensions rose.”

• “…You have a sharp clear analytical mind and a practical approach to problem solving.”

• “You did an outstanding job… I was personally very impressed with your professionalism in dealing with the parties and your ability to digest what was a large amount of information in a very short period of time.”

• “I want to express my appreciation for your Herculean efforts in bringing the parties together in what can only be described as an extremely complex and convoluted situation.”

• “Thank you for a job very well done. This case seemed intractable. Your skill and tenacity managed to bring about a settlement which, in my opinion, few mediators could have pulled off.”