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What is the cost?


All fees are negotiable.

(As a guide and for illustration purposes only, the following are based on a small commercial dispute valued up to £25,000.)

Full-day (up to 8 hours):

  • 2 parties – £525.00 per party
  • 3 or more parties – £495.00 per party

Half-day (up to 4 hours):

  • 2 parties – £425.00 per party
  • 3 or more parties – £395.00 per party

Fees are payable seven days in advance of the agreed mediation date.

For small claims up to £25,000, all hours over the agreed full or half day mediation session are charged at £225.00 per hour, divided equally between the parties.

On the day, in the event that the parties decide to adjourn the mediation session, a flat fee will be agreed to reconvene the mediation at a later date. (As a general rule, the reconvened mediation will ideally take place within days, but certainly within weeks, of the adjournment.)

The above rates cover all preparation, the mediation and up to 1½ hours of post-mediation follow-up, if necessary. 

The cost of meeting facilities, catering, travelling expenses and any other miscellaneous items is split equally between the parties.


The cost to mediate a small non-financial dispute – for example, troublesome neighbours – is cheap and flexible.

As a general guide, this type of dispute can normally be resolved in 3-6 hours. An attractive cost-effective “all-in” price, split equally between the parties, is available.


Matrimonial conflict is fundamentally different from a commercial dispute.

Barry specialises in complex high-value matrimonial disputes concerning apportionment of assets and negotiation of any future financial commitments and obligations.

Barry suggests an initial ”no commitment” 2 hour substantive meeting, involving the couple’s solicitors, if necessary, to cover the main issues and to agree a plan of action. The cost of this meeting is £500.00 split equally between the couple.

If the couple is happy to proceed and appoint Barry as Mediator, there are two payment options available:

Option 1 – Flat rate fee of £3,750 split equally between the couple, covering up to 14 hours of work; for example:

  • Up to 6 hours of pre-mediation work including reading, communications and pre-mediation meetings.
  • Up to two substantive mediation sessions of up to 8 hours in total.

Following the final mediation, the couple’s solicitors will receive an open interim financial statement together with a legally privileged interim summary of mutually acceptable proposals to assist them in completing the divorce paperwork.

If necessary, up to 1½ hours post-mediation follow-up time is included at no extra charge.

Additional time is charged at £250.00 per hour.

Option 2 – £275.00 per hour:

Following the initial £500.00 “no commitment” 2 hour substantive meeting and Barry’s subsequent appointment, the couple will be charged £275.00 per hour split equally between the couple, subject to an agreed budget.

As with option 1, the couple’s solicitors will receive an open financial statement, together with a legally privileged summary of mutually acceptable proposals following the final mediation.