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Neighbour Dispute

Summary: Longstanding friends, a demolished hedge soon became a nasty neighbour dispute.

Neighbour disputes are invariably small in financial terms but brimming with a wealth of emotion.

Two neighbours, Mr J and Mr T, had been living happily next door to each other for several years. One day, for no apparent reason, Mr J unilaterally and without prior warning demolished a mature hedge between the two properties. Unsurprisingly, Mr T was less than pleased; thus started the war between them.
The situation rapidly became nasty and out of control. Both the police and the local council were informed but were reluctant to get overly involved.

A neighbour of the two called me and the mediation was arranged. It transpired that Mr J was not entirely responsible for his actions. His young wife had passed away suddenly not many months previously and while trying to cope with the loss and deal with the children, he too was also diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The neighbours all rallied around to help Mr J and his family; the demolished hedge was simply forgotten.