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Personal Injury Dispute

Summary: Burnt toast leads to a personal injury dispute.

As Mr and Mrs R were coming to the end of several months of rebuilding and snagging work on their substantial home, a personal injury claim was not on the agenda.

Mrs R had bought herself a top of the range toaster. However, she got more than she bargained for the first morning she plugged it in for her piece of breakfast toast. The toaster exploded but thankfully Mrs R only received relatively superficial burns to her hands and forearms.

This case involved the toaster manufacturer, the retailer, the primary electrical subcontractor, the electrical sub-subcontractor, the project manager and the firm who supplied the workforce. Unsurprisingly, everyone tried to blame everyone else.

A personal injury claim was commenced and after several months of wrangling and legal costs substantially overshadowing the claim, mediation proceedings were arranged.

In reality no one really wanted to go to trial. Mrs R just wanted someone to accept responsibility for her injury. Settlement was reached swiftly and far less expensively than court proceedings.