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Clinical Professional Negligence Dispute

Summary: Aspiring model & her specialist consultant enter clinical professional negligence dispute.

This clinical negligence claim concerned Miss F, an aspiring model, who woke up in hospital following consented spinal surgery. As she came round she became aware of two “holes” on her outer right thigh, both approximately 20mm in diameter (about the size of a one pound coin).

Understandably alarmed, Miss F alerted the medical staff and was told that it appeared that the diathermy plate, which was used by the surgeon for coagulation and cutting, had not been attached properly to her leg, thus resulting in third degree burns.

Miss F started proceedings against the surgeon for clinical negligence feeling that she would now be physically and emotionally scarred for life and would be unable to wear swimwear or lingerie as a model.

While Miss F’s scarring was undoubtedly unsightly, it was agreed in mediation proceedings that her embryonic modelling career was unlikely to be irrevocably affected.

A cash settlement was agreed and legal proceedings averted.