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Chances of settlement


To settle or not settle is ultimately up to the litigants. But by keeping everyone talking – directly or indirectly – most of Barry’s mediations end in settlement.

Commercial financial disputes:

Subject to complexity, Barry aims to facilitate agreement between the parties within an 6-8 hour mediation day. In some instances, however, it might be necessary to adjourn the mediation and reconvene a few days later. This gives the parties time to reflect on any offers tabled and the position of the other party.

Of those disputes that do not settle on the day, agreement between the parties tends to follow within days, certainly within weeks. Of course, there are some parties who will never agree and going to trial is the only way forward.

Non-financial civil conflicts: 

Barry aims to facilitate agreement between the parties within a 3-6 hour mediation session.

Matrimonial disputes: 

Because divorcing or separating couples inevitably come with history and emotional baggage, matrimonial mediation statistics demonstrate 60-70% of couples reach settlement, 15-20% agree partial settlement and 5-10% do not settle.

As a general rule, high-value matrimonial disputes necessitate a number of 1½-2 hour meetings followed by a final mediation session involving the couple and all their professional advisers.

Barry’s role in matrimonial disputes is not to offer family guidance or marriage counselling but to help the couple divide up their assets as a precursor to divorce, thus saving on legal fees. Barry provides a non-contentious, non-judgemental environment for the couple to move forward.