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Employment Contract Dispute

Summary: Commonsense prevailed in this employment contract dispute between lawyers.

Mrs B, an experienced solicitor never thought that applying for a new position with a large City firm of lawyers would result in an employment dispute. She was successful in getting the job and as a result handed in her resignation to her employer and worked through her contracted notice period.The night before she was due to start her new job, Mrs B received a phone call from the firm’s senior partner saying that they had changed their minds and Mrs B was not to bother coming in the following day. No further discussion or explanation was given.

Mrs B started proceedings against the firm in question on the basis that she had effectively burned her bridges with her previous employer and demanded compensation from the new employer.

It is worthwhile noting that both sets of lawyers were determined to play hardball and go to trial if necessary. When I suggested that court reporters are inevitably present at trials and would have a field-day with a dispute of this nature between lawyers and their firms, settlement was quickly reached.